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Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

had fun wit my cousin at airmadidi hill+video ;)

assalamualaikum everyone;)

sorry for this messy video.. ahaks [first time buat video tauuu!] lolllllll;))

ekceli, dat time q dan spupu q wr hunting place for next potosessi.. so, qt coba visit bukit airmadidi, coz many people told me dat place is vry beautiful.. 
en dunno why, time balik rumah tangan q sgt gatal for makes video.. ekceli qt just main2 wit d'camdig.. lolllll

en thse are some pct dri bukit airmadidi,, ekceli u all can see it on my messy video..lollllz;)

thank you for reading this entry