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Minggu, 03 April 2011

I adore U, avriLavigne♥

hye olz,, I dnt know what to do, but I kinda like typing random post now:)
sorry, if u think it's so boring. I getting problem with this ideas linger arround my brain, so I need my tongue to be shared with u olz..
oryte,,, mybe u olz dnt know that I really adore Avril Lavigne.. but,, if u look at my laptop, oppzz!!! not laptop for now..I mean,, mybe one day  if u can look at my computer, u olz would find a folder full with avril lavigne picts.. yeah,, I was like wasted my time at google, just for collect her pictures.  but, u know something??? actually, I don't really like her song..
owh really??? so,, why u adore her?? [dat's question on ur mind rite?]
hmmm,, coz,,I LOVE HER STYLE... why? Let's see!

surely, every people know her...en I'm being crazy with her style,,especially her eyes.. [dats why,,pensil celak di kamar I dah bertumpuk2]..muahahahh.. I feel so excited everytime I found her new pict..hihihihh, [blushing.blushing] alaaaahhhh... macam u olz nih x' da idola saja.. ada kan??kan??kan?
dah.dah ,, x' kan taiping banyak..better to see sja picture2 dia di bawah nihhh..

 omigosh.omigosh.. u really cool girl..!

eeeeeeetzz.... adakah yg di bawah nihh lavigne juga?????

 ngehehehheh..ekceli pict.pict ini taken mybe 2 tahun yg lalu when I'm still 16...♥

thank u for reading this entry..:)

8 komentar:

  1. ahahh... fans gile kat die...

  2. suka avril juga ya?
    samaan dongg!! :))

  3. denger2 bentar lagi si avril mau konser di Indo loh.. :)

  4. wah..
    i like this fhoto...
    lucu banget..hehe..
    Gue doain ntar ketemu ama avril

  5. ngikutin stylenya avril ya? lucu lucu :D oya, tos dulu kita samaan ngeposting tentang fans ^_^/\~_~

  6. bolehlah. malah jadi mbayangin avril pake jilbab juga. hahaha. you look pretty. that for sure. nice to know you. :)

  7. ambar avrilnya kren , kirain tadi video klip nya :0