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Kamis, 13 Januari 2011

Surat cinta untuk nya . . .

dear you...
I write this letter with  tears in my face...
with pain in my heart...
and with all my love for u...
dear you...
do u still remember how we met ?
do u still remember the first topic we talked about ?
do u still remember how we starts fallen love ?
do u still remember the first conflict hppened to our relationship ?
do u still remember our fun time ?
why we met ? ? ? 
dear you ...
I would miss u
 to text me first in every morning ..
 to told me about your day
 to asked me anything
to angry  me if i had a problem and never told you
 to made some sweet words about me
and to said "i love you" to me ..
dear you...
I never imagined this would  happen to us
I trying to consider that it just a bad dream
but in fact, I'm not sleeping
this is really happening and painful
even, the tears seemed not enough to describe my sadness
what are you feeling now ?
dear you...
I believe you are a strong man
I believe your faith can guide your steps without me
everything happens for a reason
maybe this is the path of God
He makes us met, but He separates us again
however, beneath it all...
God must have wonderful plans for you and me
just be ikhlas and be patient ...
dear you...
sorry for this separation.
this is not my wish.
maybe one day, you will find happiness without me
when we are not together anymore,
  remember me in all of your life ...

 "Life Bring Tears , Smiles , and Memories .
The Tears Dry , the Smiles  fade , but the memories last forever ..

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